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Publisher's description

ETP is a small, easy to use stopwatch and egg timer. Resizeable on screen timer display.

Seperate Timer and Stopwatch modules. Save your own preset timers and have unique audible timer completion sounds for each preset.

XNote Timer
Free stopwatch and countdown timer software. Easiest! Features both count-up and count-down modes, alarms, large re-sizable display with always-on-top mode and system-wide hotkeys. Useful at classroom, meeting or kitchen as cooking and egg timer.

Digital Timer
In comparison to Egg Timer Plus is a useful tool for measuring time durations - for example, if you want to measure how long it takes for a program to run. it offers these features:. Countdown timer - counts down (like a microwave oven timer) from some...

Cool Timer
Handy timer solution with many cool features. Can be used like an oven timer in countdown mode, an alarm clock, or a stopwatch. Unique visualization feature shows time passage graphically. Set multiple alarms with many options. Great for teachers or...

Countdown Timer
With configurable display formats, configurable beeps or audio file playback. This it allows multiple instances of the application to be launched and every instance remembers it's location, size, display colors and other...


Javascript Egg Timer
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Cosmic Egg Mediafire
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Egg Sucker Free Downland

File: EggTimerPlusSetup.exe
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