El Horóscopo de los Números

Publisher's description

Complete Traditional European Numerology. Configuable tables + Four preconfigured tables. Personality study: 16 aspects, predictions: 7 chronoligical segments, personal compatibilities.The Three Personal Numbers Graphics and Force Lines (your success possibility). Your Name Changing Room: select the best seudonim or your business name.

Numerological Tarot. Predictions for house numbers, car plates & banc account numbers.

La Máquina de los Deseos
You can receive the messages while you emorize a thousand refrains included in the program (and in the same time improve your memoy) or learn answers to any test, as you can use any texts. You'll be able to control your general progress observing...


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File: hornum_tr.exe
compatibility, numerology, personality, prediction
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