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EK will record all keystrokes typed, staying completely undetectable to users! EK lets you know what was typed (passwords, logins, addresses, names), in which applications, and who typed it. Thanks to EK you can easily protect your children from dangerous online relationships, learn what your spouse is searching for online, or know what your employees are doing on the Internet

Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X
Free Elite Keylogger Mac records everything a user types on the monitored computer, whether it''s for a document, an e-mail, or a Web form, and can secretly deliver the information to your e-mail address. The free edition includes all features but...

All In 1 Keylogger
All In One Keylogger implements the state-of-art technology, and guarantees you full control over your computer. Have you ever thought what site your children are surfing when you are not at home? Who the 'girlfriend' your wife is chatting with all...

Basic it application very effective to captures all key press activities of user on working time in internet and desktop systems without appearing in start menu. Key logger software record entire several users chat conversation with key press...

A1 Keylogger
In comparison to Elite Keylogger spy software secretly logs all their chats & IMs, emails, Facebook use, keystrokes (including user names & passwrods), video talk via web cam, YouTube videos watched, web pages opened, online searches, applications executed, documents...


Keygen Of Elite Keylogger 4 3
Serial Elite Keylogger 4 3
Elite Keylogger 4 3 Rapidshare
Elite Keylogger V 1 Rapid
Freeware Elite Keylogger

File: ek-setup.exe

System Requirements

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 (or XP SP3 x86 only)

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