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In today's economy, you can't afford to lose repeat customers. Email Marketing is becoming a more popular way of retaining customers, because over half of Internet users check their email on a daily basis! With EMP, you can advertise your product for FREE! Send promotional email, coupons, or attractive newsletters. Manage your customer list.

View reports. No monthly fees. Generate repeat business quickly and affordably.

Free Email Marketing: Broadcast By Email
Free email marketing software - Send personalized emails to thousands of people and automatically manage an email list by checking for bounced or unsubscribed emails. Features an unlimited email list size. Supports text or HTML email format.

Email Marketing Express
In comparison to Email Marketing Pro is professional and perfect email marketing software. It will help you design and deliver millions of personalized HTML and Text messages to your customers as well as helpfully provide you with detailed reports and delivery...

BBmail Email Marketing Software
Higher success rate of bulk email sending. 3. Mail address. validate. 4. Import and export mail address expediently. 5. Multiple Sending Threads. 6. Sub/Unsubscrible Email Address. 7. Powerful Maillist Management Center. 8. Speed Sending Bulk...

Email Validator Pro
V1. 0 is email address validator software that quickly checks email addresses from your database or file to determine if emails are valid. Do you think making sure your mailing list is clean is a low priority task? Think again.


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File: emp.exe

System Requirements

OS: Windows 2K+ with .NET 2.0, Disk Space: 512 MB, Mem:192 MB or more, Processer: Pentium III+

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