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Email parser MIME parser - C#, VB.Net component (library) that is 100% compatible with RFC822 and MIME standards. Mime4Net supports field encoding/decoding, attachment extraction and is extremely tolerant for improperly formated messages.

Features: - One of the quickest parsers on the market;- Build tree representation of an email message;- Extract even large attachments; - Easy integration; - MSDN-like documentation; - 24/7 support;-SMTP client

NMEA Parser C#
NMEA Parser is a good start point for your project! With these source codes you can start implementation of your software and save your time and money. GGA, GLL, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, ZDA

.NET EMail Component EMail.NET POP3,SMTP
NET with MIME, SSL\TLS and proxy support. Well-designed, these components include lots of demos, tutorials and comprehensive documentation. Features: Easy-to-use feature-rich components; Send\receive\manage HTML emails with images; Stable and robust...

Email Factory for .NET
Email Factory for. NET includes easy to use components for the sending and retrieval of email. Included are components for SMTP, POP, IMAP and MIME protocols

.NET Email Validation Library
Verify thousands of email addresses with a single line of code. The. NET Email Validation Library checks syntax, performs MxRecord lookups, and validates mailboxes. Validate asynchronously over multiple processors. The library detects curse words,...


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