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EP is a complete and powerful email automation solution. It automatically parses and extracts data from received emails and performs different actions like updating a database, sending a reply message, interact with an Excel spreadsheet and much more thanks to its powerful scripting capabilities.

Free Email Marketing: Broadcast By Email
Free email marketing software - Send personalized emails to thousands of people and automatically manage an email list by checking for bounced or unsubscribed emails. Features an unlimited email list size. Supports text or HTML email format.

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This is a very tedious, time consuming task. Thanks to the it software help is at hand. It enables a surfer to get to the correct site without having to browse through a plethora of unwanted websites that search engines produce, as...

Email Forwarder
This utility will selectively forward your Microsoft Outlook email messages to one or more remote email addresses or to your cell phone. It requires no special configuration. You just install it, and tell it where to forward your messages.

Email Protector
Automatically protect your email from prying eyes! Anyone can read your Outlook Express email, but it can password protect and automatically log off your email account!. it shows you how to add password protection to your...


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File: EmailAndParser_setup.msi

System Requirements

Windows XP or newer OS

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