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cnet.com Envelope Printer 1.0
cnet.com Envelope Printer 1.8
softpedia.com Envelope Printer 7.0
softpedia.com Envelope Printer 1.8
softpedia.com Envelope Printer 2.80
winsite.com Envelope Printer 1.07.00
windows8downloads.com Envelope Printer 1.07.03

Publisher's description

Print addresses on your envelopes in seconds. EP is the quick and easy way to print addresses on envelopes. Type in the address, then press the print button.

It's that easy and that fast! You can also save addresses for easy loading for future use. It works with six standard envelope sizes. EP also comes with a variety of art to decorate your return address or you can add your own 100 x 100 pixel custom image.

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File: envpk.exe
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