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MeggieSoft Games Euchre and Ecarte is a full implementation of two card games: Ecarte and Euchre (the two-player version). Play against an online opponent or your computer with many customizable visual, audio, and game options.

Each game involves winning the majority of five tricks. In Ecarte, each player is able to swap unwanted cards with fresh ones from the stock before playing the tricks.

In Euchre, the players negotiate the trumps.

In comparison to it and Ecarte by MeggieSoft Games is a trick taking card game played with a partial deck. All cards lower than 9s are removed. Four players play against each other in two teams, and each player is dealt 5 cards. After the players are dealt their cards, a card is dealt face up.

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Meggiesoft 500 Rummy Rapidshare
Euchre Flash
Euchre Game Free
Online Euchre Tournaments

File: euchbase.exe

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