Eye Clock screensaver

Publisher's description

See the colors of time in the ECS. Let your mind flow away in a fantastic land of eternity where the time not devided into the past, the present and the future.

It is the one and indivisible, it exists only in our imagination.

Wonder Clock ScreenSaver
Do you beleive in miracles? Yes, I am. Have you seen the miracles? You will see, as far as you get the Wonder Clock it will open a window into the Wonderland and tornado will tenderly bring you into another world full of wonders and happy surprises

Winter Clock Screensaver
Christmas countdown clock screensaver inform you what is the time remains up to winter holidays. Diamond snowflakes sparkling are turned in celebratory dance and play light of the polar lights. Time of Christmas, what is the time comes nearer...

Autumn Clock Screensaver
Install this remarkable screensaver with analog clock at the center of each scene. And enjoy splendid views of autumn scenery. Flowers are blooming, some islands of grass are still green, but autumn is coming. Small cloud obscures the sun and the...

Radiating Clock ScreenSaver
Wanna have a ceaseless source of positive energy? Radiating Clock will brighten up your desktop and fill your time with festive moods. Every minute passing by your side will devine that something marvellous is already waiting for you


Magic Clock 3d Screensaver
Blot Clock Screensaver
Chronoswiss Clock Screensaver
Drunken Clock 3d Screensaver
Screensaver Classic Clock

File: dc_eye_clock.exe
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