F-IN-BOX, .NET Edition

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cnet.com F-IN-BOX, .NET Edition 3.1.3
winsite.com F-IN-BOX, .NET Edition 3.1

Publisher's description

F-IN-BOX is a .NET component that enhances Macromedia / Adobe Flash Player ActiveX features. It does not use its own engine to display movies, but instead provides a wrapper around official swflash.ocx/ flash.ocx code. Loads movies directly from memory. Protects movies.

Creates Flash-enabled applications which are ready to work even if the Flash Player ActiveX is not installed! Transparency is fully supported! Flash External API is supported.

F-IN-BOX, DLL Edition
F-IN-BOX is a window control that enhances Macromedia Flash Player ActiveX features. Load movies directly from memory. Protect movies. Create Flash-enabled applications which are ready to work even if the Flash Player ActiveX is not installed!...

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Retrieve Image From Oracle In Vb Net To Picture Box
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File: FlashPlayerControlForDotNet.zip

System Requirements

A standard Windows PC

flash ocx, macromedia, swflash ocx
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