Flash Security - LockLizard SWF Flash Protection
LockLizard Limited

Publisher's description

Flash security. Secure SWF files with DRM protection - copy, print, and expiry controls. Control who can view your flash files and how they are used. Stop screen grabbing and sharing, control the number of views.

Control when SWF files expire and instantly revoke them. Protect flash and actionscripts without useless obfuscation or passwords. Encrypt SWF files with strong flash encryption (AES 256 bit) and secure flash copy protection.

PDF Security - LockLizard PDF Protection
PDF security with secure PDF DRM protection. Control viewing and use of your PDF documents. Stop PDF copying, sharing, modifying, screen grabbing. Control the number of views and prints or disallow printing altogether. Control when documents expire...

Flash EXE Encryptor
The encrypted flash files can prevent cracking,prevent copying,prevent decompile. You can set play password binding to your users's computer. If you want to send your flash files to your users,this tool can protect your flash files.

Flash EXE Protector
Encrypt and protect exe and swf,prevent cracking,prevent copying,prevent decompiler,prevent popular screen recording software, protect your action script

Lock Folder Lock File!
The program is easy to use while still offering you an exceptionally high degree of performance and that essential extra layer of security. it is a great program to use on a laptop as well, since if it gets lost or stolen, your...


Flash Swf 240x320
Iwisoft Flash Swf Torrent
Yoko Mini Flash Swf
Flash Element Td 2 Swf Download
Iwisoft Flash Swf Downloader Tarinfga

File: LL_Flashguard_Writer.exe

System Requirements

PIII or greater with 512MB RAM

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