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This easy to golf program can help to track and analyze your golf game. You can input up to 10 different stats for each golf hole you play including score, drive distance, number of putts, sand balls, etc. The software will then track averages and totals for a large number of stats.

You can browse and sort golf rounds by golf course, date, and score. Also, printable reports and a picture section. GT is free with no restrictions.

Golf Tracker for Excel
In comparison to Golf Tracker is an application written for Microsoft Excel. It provides comprehensive record keeping and analysis of all your golf statistics. Data entry is simplified through the use of custom scorecards with intuitive easy to use...

Golf Score Wizard
An easy to use score card tracker. Use it to record your score from each game and use it to track your improvements or problems. Create reports by course or time. You can set up your favorite golf courses quickly and easily

Australian Golf Handicap Calculator
Golf Handicapper is a program that can store any number of scores for any number of players. It automatically calculates the handicap, net score, and index for each game for each player using Australian handicap system. Uses the slope method, and...


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