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Publisher's description

HGM is a free version of the popular "match the pairs" game. HGM game objective is simple: to match the pairs of our models images which are exactly equal to each other. Try to match every pair to finish the game.

The lower number of clicks and less time used to match all pairs, the higher the score you will get. Play the smart way to get a better score. The full version features uncensored full strip scenes.

Harem Games Puzzle
In comparison to Harem Games Memory is a free puzzle game featuring top strip models. Puzzle game objective is simple: to complete our beautiful models puzzles. The lower number of clicks combined with the shortest time to complete each puzzle gets the better score.

Concentration - the Memory Games
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Active Harem
A free game that will build for you the lady of your dreams. it game objective is simple: answer the quiz questions and Dr. Alstein will build the dream girl for you choosing one of the top models from the harem! Note that...

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File: Memory.exe

System Requirements

Internet access

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