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Publisher's description

With Office Translator, you can translate entire text documents, emails, slides, spreadsheets, database fields and more. The program simplifies and speeds up your translation tasks within: Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage and Access.

Translation to/from English, Spanish, Italian and French are included.

IdiomaX Translator
You can also make spell checking, select the text that you do not wish translated, edit the program dictionaries and select the text specialties, before the translation process begins. Translation to/from English, Spanish, Italian and French are...

Multilizer PDF Translator
Complete solution, no other software packages needed to work. Translated documents can be saved to following formats: PDF, JPEG, HTML, EXCEL, TIFF and Word and OpenOffice formats. Does not support editing images embedded in PDF files and cannot...

IdiomaX E-Mail Translator
Quickly and accurately translates incoming and outgoing e-mails in Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, and Windows Mail. Simply open the email, click the email translator icon on your taskbar, and your translated message will appear on the screen...

IdiomaX Web Translator
Finally, surf the web – the whole web - in your own language with this Internet Explorer-compatible web translator. Speedy translations while you navigate the net. This translation software lets you read websites in your own language.


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File: IdxSetupOffice60.exe

System Requirements

- Pentium PC 1 Ghz processor or higher, 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended) and 27 MB free hard disk.

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