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IE is an advanced application it gives you the flexibility to export selective data out to a spreadsheet, database, or a different text file format. Just like are web site advertisement says, All you have to do is .... Select a text file and click a few buttons and instant success your data is found. You then click a couple more buttons... and now you have your data in a spreadsheet or a database.

It has never been so easy!

Calendar Import-Export for Outlook
Use Calendar ImportExport to import multiple iCal/vCal files (. ics,. vcs) to Outlook calendar (appointments), or export Outlook calendar (appointments) to iCal/vCal files at once. Split, combine iCal/vCal files even without Outlook installed.

pptXTREME Import Export for PowerPoint
Set the background to a picture with 1 click. Insert pictures at the correct size. Update and replace changed images automatically (keeping size, position and animation). Batch import hundreds of images at once with many options. And much more.

vCard Import/Export for Outlook
Vcf files) to your Microsoft Outlook contacts - simply, select the outlook contacts folder and the files to import - the app will do the job from there. You are also able to export multiple Outlook contacts to the widely adopted vCard format, this...

Import Wizard
In comparison to Import Export enables you to easily import text files into MS-Access, Excel, MS-SQL Server, MSDE, MySQL, or other databases. The software goes beyond the standard text import functionality by allowing complex text imports such as multiple lines per...


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accounting software, auditing tool, office automation
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