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Complete solution for management and automation of work of computer clubs, Internet cafes, cyber cafes, gaming centers. Main goals: control of the paid time, control of the work of managers. The computers are locked if the money were not paid for the work with them.

Advanced reports, well protected from changing. Simplification of managers work. Multi-language interface: English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Lettish, Lithuanian are available.

Internet Owl
In comparison to Internet Cafe watches websites, and tells you when they have changed. When a change is detected, it can inform you in a number of ways, like:. Sending you an email,. Popping up a window, or. Playing a sound of your choice

Internet Logger
Save both incoming and outgoing Internet traffic (all data sent or received by browser: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera; email client: Outlook, Thunderbird; instant messenger: MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ, Skype; media player and etc. ) on the hard drive...

WorkTime Internet Monitoring
WorkTime - Internet monitoring software. Automatically monitor Internet related activities by the users: browsing web-sites, chatting, reading and writing emails. Monitor internet usage on company's computers, on laptops, on your home computer or...

Internet Traffic Agent
An efficient network tool for detailed internet traffic monitoring. It provides daily statistics on local, internet and http traffic of different users. The utility features many advanced functions like capturing the...


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File: 4.02.demo-en.exe

System Requirements

Sound card

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