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Internet history eraser utility is secure, read-only and fully functional software can keep user privacy and security by permanently erasing your past internet and computer activities stored in browser history at the time of net surfing. History eraser tool does not require any technical skill to operate it because it has easy help manual to understand the working of software.

The software increases your system performance and frees disk space.

Internet Explorer History Eraser
IE history eraser program removes cache files which can store the content of all the web pages you have gone through (including pictures, animation, movies, other downloads etc) during a session. Web history cookies remover provides complete privacy...

#1 Free History Eraser
Free History Eraser completely erases history, typed URLs (the drop down address list) and AutoComplete. It dynamically configures itself for Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP. You can schedule your tasks in order to prevent the possibility of...

1 Smart Protector - Internet Eraser
Smart Protector - Internet Eraser completely erases history, typed URLs (the drop down address list), AutoComplete, cookies, temporary files, recent document list, recycle bin and more. Smart Protector - Internet Eraser works with Internet Explorer,...

Internet History Wiper
Software deletes internet history tracks and traces from PC. Application clear browsing history and search history. Wiping programs clear auto complete temp file, stored passwords and removes index. dat files content and page file (swap file).


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File: Internet-History-Eraser.exe

System Requirements

32Mb RAM, 12Mb disk space, any Windows OS

address bar, permanent, temporary
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