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Windows and web .NET control for charting. The assembly has been developed in c# and supports more than 18 types of charts and combinations of them. It can be used in a windows , in a web application or the compact framework and supports interactive features like zoom, scroll, tips , actions and html links.

The source code can be adquired and there is a compact framework version also.

J4L-RBarcode for .NET
NET Components that creates 1D and 2D barcodes for VBnet and C#. Supported symbologies include EAN, code 39, interleaved 2 of 5, UPC, code128, datamatrix, maxicode, pdf 417, macro pdf 417, QRCode, RSS14, Aztec, Codabar GS1, Aztec and more.

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5 components for fast Digital Signal Processing(DSP) and data visualization. Allows fast complex signal manipulations with zero lines of program code. Contains SignalPlayer, SignalLogger, Signal Generators for Noise, Sine, Triangle, Square, DC and...

VisionLab .NET
5 components for advanced computer vision. Allows rapid development of fully featured computer vision applications for the security industry with zero lines of program code, It includes Canny edge detection, Adaptive Threshold, Hough Lines, Contour...

VB.Net to C# Converter
Your code maintains its original readability and flavor (including line and inline comments), Reliability is very good, over 99% accuracy in most tests. Don''t take our word for it. Download a Free Trial Copy Today at www. vbconversions.


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File: netchartd.zip

System Requirements

dotnet 1.0 or later

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