jalada Spinball II
jalada GmbH

Publisher's description

JSI is a remake of the classical breakout arcade game, one of the Top Ten arcade games of all times. In addition to the energizing gameplay of its legendary predecessor, the game boasts a superior physics concept, advanced collision system, vibrant 3-D graphics and cool sound.

Enjoy more than 70 action-packed levels that will no place for boredom.

jalada Spinball
Spinball is a fast-paced brick out style arcade game with amazing 3D graphics and fantastic special effects. It features more than 30 colorful unique levels and if you have ever liked to break bricks, you will instantly enjoy Spinball.

jalada AstroChase
AstroChase is the new arcade experience from jalada. You control a space fighter moving on the screen, scrolling left and right in order to avoid oncoming bombs and kamikaze attacks from alien invaders--and to fire your own missiles to fight back!...

jalada Rail Madness
In comparison to jalada Spinball II brings the classic wooden rail on your computer. In this amusing game, you will live a funny adventure and depending on your driving reflexes, you will advance to the next levels. Rail Madness is an excellent game full of fun,...

File: jalada_spinball2.zip

System Requirements

G4 (or better) or Intel Mac, Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later.

pinball dreams, pinball heaven, pinball paradise, pinball world, simulation
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