Little Shop of Treasures

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Publisher's description

Welcome to Huntington, a charming little town where if you look close enough, your dreams will come true! Help Huntington's shop owners find more than 1,200 unique, and cleverly hidden, items for their customers and earn enough cash to open a shop of your own! Featuring two great ways to play, an innovative hint feature, endless re-playability and more, this eye-popping challenge will bend your brain and dazzle your eyes.

Treasures of Ra
Puzzle your way through ruined temples and forgotten shrines, collecting treasures along the way. Using mirrors, gems and other objects, you must direct the sunlight onto exit glyphs to solve each puzzle. Use crates to collect the treasures, but...

Call shop
Simple and interesting it puzzle, connect it together. When you will connect this it puzzle together you will see callshop, where to search cool things on the it. It is more interesting then watching it somewhere.

Tropical Fish Shop
Introducing a bright and beautiful match-3 game full of summer fun and sea adventures! Annabel works as a scuba diver for a coastal it. Follow her story as she discovers and collects a variety of beautiful sea creatures for the shop.


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The Treasures Of India 3 0
Treasures Of Zuma
Brave Dwarves Back For Treasures 1 1

File: little-shop-of-treasures.exe

System Requirements

Memory:128 MB CPU:P800

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