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Publisher's description

Entertain your mind with a joyful dance of logic! MB is a brand-new version of the beloved game. Simply draw one-color lines by swapping neighboring balls and start scoring your points.

The intrigue is that the game stops when no moves are left. Added to the gameplay are eye-pleasing graphics and a lighting effect that gives the balls a sleek 3D look. As you play, you can listen to the built-in midi player and have never ending fun!

Arcade Balls
It is interesting and addictive for both children and adult; for office and home computer. There are four game modes: Arcade Lines (similar to Classic Lines), Timed Lines (practice your quick reaction), it (very interesting and original...

Lucky Balls
The aim of this addictive puzzle game is, to eliminate all the colorful balls rolling down the spiral tube, before they reach the skull. You can eliminate them by shooting a ball from the center and group 3 or more balls of the same color.

Super Balls
In comparison to Magic Balls - puzzle game - for IQ increase. Game rules: One should mark a ball visible on the screen and then click on free field of the board. Then the ball will shift itself to the clicked field. After each player's move, three additional balls...

Shooting Balls Gallery
A truly entertaining game awaits you in the new it game! A set of colored balls is slowly descending on you from above. With a gun, you need to shoot a ball upwards and hit the right color making adjacent balls of the same color...


Pc Magic Magic Folders Rapidshare Or Megaupload Or Uploading
Wallpapers For Falling Balls
Slow Balls Massage
Destroy Balls Tube
Santa Balls Torrent

File: magicballs.exe

System Requirements

Pentium 150

lines game, logic game, puzzle game
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