MailScan for VP0P3 6.8a
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Publisher's description

MailScan 6.8a is the world's most advanced Real-Time Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam solution for VPOP3 Mail Servers. The software safeguards organizations against Virus, Worm, Trojan and many other malware breeds with futuristic and proactive technologies.

Employing an array of intelligent filters, MailScan offers powerful protection against Spam and Phishing mails, while providing comprehensive Content Security too.

Scan Spyware
The user friendly interface with a swift scan, perfect removal procedures and absolutely free Diagnose and Fix utility; makes it one of the best anti-spyware tools in the market. Diagnose and Fix gives you complete control over your system.

Able Spyware Scan and Destroy
In comparison to MailScan for VP0P3 6.8a provides real-time anti-spyware protection against spyware, viruses, keyloggers, spyware cookies, adware, Trojan horses, spybots, browser hijackers, and phishing attacks. It actively monitor and protect the PC from...

E-Mail Image Generator
A program based on a fairly simple principle - it enables you to generate email images that can be used as a substitute for your email address. Images can be easily read by other people while being totally inaccessible to...

SPAMfighter Mail Gateway
It, is the easy-to-use anti-spam solution for Microsoft Windows Servers. it delivers instant spam protection and is powered by the SPAMfighter Server, which is updated by the SPAMfighter community of...

File: msvp680a.exe

System Requirements

Processor: Pentium II 200 MHz or higher,RAM:256MB(512 MB recommended),Hard Disk 500 MB of Free Space

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