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Worlds Best integrated suit to protect your Privacy. MPS integrates the top privacy softwares to protect you online. It has Max Spyware Detector to protect from spyware and adware. Max AnonySurf so that no one can find out your identity.

Provides Privacy, Booster and optimizer to remove traces of browsing. Encrypt confidential files and folders for complete data safety. Prevent junk and annoying popups while you are browsing.

Max Secure Spyware Detector
If you are infected with even one of this malicious program then they will install and download more spyware, intrude your Privacy, utilize your resources. Max Spyware Detector actively monitors the programs running on your PC and if it detects any...


Max Secure Spyware Detector 19 0 0 072
F Secure Keys
Secure Unsecure V1 2
F Secure Key
F Secure Disk

File: maxpcsecure.exe

System Requirements

128 MB RAM, Pentium Processor

pc booster, pc security, popup killer, protect privacy, spyware detector
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