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Publisher's description

MB Free Kabbalah Tarot is a zodiac sign based software that associates a person’s sun sign with the Kabbalah Tree of Life and also with the corresponding Tarot cards. The software reveals your positive and negative characteristic traits, your lucky day, color, ruling planet, element, your position in the tree of life and much more.

This program helps a person understand his personality and improve himself for the better.

MB Kabbalah IChing
In comparison to MB Kabbalah Tarot is a zodiac sign based software that relates your sun sign to the Kabbalah Tree of Life and the corresponding IChing hexagram. This gives a better idea about the hexagrams and the Kabbalah sephiroths that affect your directly and...

MB Psychic Tarot
Consists of a combination of psychic test, tarot reading, psychic and tarot dictionary softwares. Psychism and Tarot reading have been very popular methods of esoteric divination since the ancient ages. These techniques can provide...


Kabbalah Centre Tarot
Kabbalah Symbols In Tarot
Kabbalah Locator
Kabbalah Screensaver
Kabbalah Software

File: MBFreeKabbalahTarot.exe

System Requirements

Windows & Above

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