MB Rudraksh Therapy

Publisher's description

MRT gives you the benefits of using Rudraksh beads for solving health ailments and illnesses. These beads are said to have many medicinal and spiritual properties that can help you overcome many problems in life.

MRT Software is a unique tool that analyzes the power of rudraksha beads and tells you the perfect rudraksha type for you. This software lets you know the right rudraksh type for your health problem.

MB Rudraksh And Sun Signs
In comparison to MB Rudraksh Therapy Software does a free rudraksh and sun sign analysis for you and lets you know the most appropriate rudraksh bead for you, considering your sun sign. This free astrology tool works on the rudraksh by sun sign principles and...

MB Music Therapy
Software is an immensely useful, and thereby, a must-own and must-use tool that helps you keep physically and mentally fit. This music remedies software is based on the magic of music with regard to the healing effects it has on the...

Natura Sound Therapy
Software is the ideal tool to improve your quality of life. You can quickly achieve states of relaxation or concentration with Natura. Featuring 34 nature and music sounds and many special visuals, Natura can help you...


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Plumper Therapy Download

File: MBFreeRudrakshTherapy.exe

System Requirements

Windows & Above

power of rudraksh, power of rudraksha beads
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