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Thanks to this Internet marketing software, you access 49 carefully chosen search engines: the major ones, the secondary ones, however accurate: blog search, business and engineering search, forum search, meta search, images, videos, 3D display, how to, bilingual, scientific, eBooks. You choose your engine, the software automatically takes you to the results; no push button.

Coupon Search
Com it toolbar lets you search for coupons from our thousands of hot retail stores. It will let you know when coupons or deals are available for a store your visiting so that you never miss a deal again. If we don't support the store,...

Search My Network
In comparison to Meta SearchMax is a LAN and desktop search and management program. You may quickly find files, folders, computers, printers and shares on your LAN or PC. Found items are stored in a report, and you may export it to many formats or manage files...

Star Search
It comes with a preprogrammed database of major search engine for finding best price, mp3, peoples, jobs, blogs, city Users can add new search engines and share theirs databases between them. You can create web site backup on your local hard drive...

One Search Bar
A compact and powerful desktool for quick web search. This search bar lets you launch searches without starting a web browser first. You type your search and hit Enter, program will open browser with search results.


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System Requirements

Ram 62 Mb - Disk 72 Mb

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