mightymacros Multifind Excel Addin

Publisher's description

The multi-find add-in is a useful and powerful tool for finding text and values in Excel. The add-in performs multiple searches at a time, and is faster when searching for single items than Excel''s Find function because you can refine your search to a selected range or column.

If you use vlookups when searching for matches and comparing list items then this tool will save you a lot of time.

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In comparison to mightymacros Multifind Excel Addin simplifies many repetitive tasks by providing a useful set of tools with quick and direct access from the cell short cut menu. The add-in contains tools that provide fast access, to all your important files and folders...

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File: mightymacros_multifind.zip

System Requirements

Microsoft Excel 2003 to 2013

excel add in
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