Mini Golf Solitaire
Fast Eddie's Software

Publisher's description

MGS is a PC version of a classic card game from legendary game developer Sid Sackson. It is a thinking man's solitaire that requires you to think ahead in order to do well.

The cards are layed out in a grid and you need to putt your ball to the goal card (the hole) in the least amount of strokes.

Golf Solitaire
Connect as many moves as possible in order to solve it! In this game, 40 upturned cards will be evenly divided into 8 tableau piles, while an upturned card serves as the discard pile under the tableau piles, and the remaining downturned...

Free online klondike it card game. Time your card games, and play to beat your best online it score. Klondike it card game is playable directly out of your browser, without need to download. All the fun and features of...

Solitaire Plus!
It, brought to you by GamesForOne. com, is a collection of solitaire games for PCs and Netbooks. The Klondike and FreeCell favorites are included, along with multi-level Spider and 27 other challenging solitaire variations.

Solitaire Well
In comparison to Mini Golf Solitaire is a perfect realization of the two ancient solitaires: Napoleon's Tomb and Diamond. These solitaires are rarely found in card games. The program has the maximum thought-out user-friendly interface designed according to the wishes of...


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