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Publisher's description

Housekeeping book for everyone. Income and expenses on one view. Overview is the key to useful reductions of costs.

With MF you can assign your incomes and expenses to self-defined categories, which will be displayed in the overview and can be analyzed. This means you can immediately see, where you spend the most.

Money on Thread
The application for personal budgeting, with a brilliant new idea to put it (literally) has been released -- it's simple, maybe too simple -- if you are professional go with Microsoft Money or Quicken. this one is for the rest of the...

Found Money
This program allows you to keep individual text records of found/saved money. It breaks down each record into coin/bill denominations, and tracks total money per record and across all records. It permits editing of previously saved records, and also...

File: moneyfox.exe

System Requirements

.NET Framework 2.0

financial management, money manager
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