MSCGzip for Windows

MSCGzip for Windows download locations MSCGzip for Windows 1.0 MSCGzip for Windows 2.0.1

Publisher's description

MSCGZip is GZip compression/decompression component. It allows you compress and decompress data and files using standard well-known Gzip data compression engine.

MSCCrypto for Windows
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MSCUpload is an Active Server File Upload component. It extentds standard Request object capabilities in handling uploaded data. MSCUpload is a perfect way for ASP applications to handle multiple uploaded files and still make another form fields...

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MSCExec allows you to call OS command or launch an application right from your script. You can set parameters for the call and check results


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File: mscgzip.exe

System Requirements

Windows + IIS version 4.0 or above

asp component, chili soft, components, scripting host
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