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Publisher's description

The filter is designed for quality improvement of compressed cartoons like video by removing ringing artifacts. Ringing noise preferably manifest itself around edges due to coarse quantization. Filter is intended for recovering quality of video after decompressing by H.261, H.263, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (DivX 3, DivX 4, XviD) and H.264 (x264). Can use GPU processing mode for several algorithms that decreases processing time significally.

MSU Noise Estimator
Free MSU VQMT plugin for noise level estimation. It includes implementation of three most popular algorithms for measurement of noise level. By results of job of the metrics the plot of frame-accurate value of noise level is constructed.

MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool
) and 24 objective metrics (PSNR, SSIM, MSU Blurring/Blocking, MSAD, MS-SSIM, etc) including GPU metrics. Other useful features include support of HD resolution, Regions of Interest (ROI), metric visualization (one visualization video per one...

MSU Brightness Independent PSNR Plugin
In comparison to MSU Cartoon Restorer for MSU Video Quality Measurement Tool. This metrics allow to compare codecs correctly, even if one of them have changed average brightness of the frame


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Virtualdub Msu Cartoonizer Filter Converts Movies Into Cartoons En Taringa


System Requirements

VirtualDub v.1.7.1 minimum required, for GPU usage you must have video card, supporting OpenGL 2.0

enhancement, processing, virtualdub
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