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ME is based on ancient Indian Vedic electional astrology. The software can search for the auspicious time to do a task using Vedic principles and Panchaang - the vedic calendar. You can also check for the auspiciousness of a particular time for a particular task.

Gives you a report of auspiciousnes, listing various factors plus a detailed analysis. Available in several languages. Built by the makers of Horoscope Explorer.

Daily Astrology Explorer
In comparison to Muhurta Explorer is the tool for everyday astrology. Just startup the tool with your day every morning and you will be able to see the major trends for the day, things you should and shouldn't do, and the precautions you should take to make...

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Based on 'Lal Kitab' an esoteric astrology book revealed to Pt. Roopchand Joshi. Although based on Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab uses different principles. A unique system in itself, the focus of Lal Kitab is on prescribing...


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File: muhurtha.exe
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