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USB storage drive monitoring software covertly monitor USB activities and inform to server when any USB drive is plug in or plug out on any client PC on network. Application saves all detail in html or text file format that display Client PC IP address, device manufacturer name, storage capacity and date time of receiving data.

USB surveillance program can easily detect any branded USB device likes Pen drive, thumb drive, flash drive etc.

USB Drive Disabler Tool
Software also provides facility to user to enable or disable access permission of any USB drive storage media within LAN network. it monitors multiple computer system simultaneously within local area network.

USB Drive Disabler Software
USB drive blocking tool records all performed file operations like cut, copy, paste and delete in text or html format log file and saved in your computer disk. USB device monitoring software protects confidential data due to unofficial use of USB...

USB Port Locker
Windows network USB data leakage protection application prevents local area network from unauthorized data access from pen drive, thumb drive or other similar removable storage media in real time. USB drive data theft protection tool monitors USB...

Disable USB Port
How to block USB port? LAN USB port disabler software is solution for this types of problems that can its and block memory stick access. USB storage drive write protector tool records plug-in, plug-out activities over windows network...


Usb Disabler Pro License
Usb Disabler Pro Full
Usb Disabler Pro Torrent Free
Usb Disabler Pro Ver 2 1 Torrent
Network Serial Port Kit Rapidshare


System Requirements

512Mb RAM, 20Mb disk space, any Windows OS

administrative, ip address, permission, real time, unauthorized
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