Nuclear Bike

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Publisher's description

NB is a completely free casual video game available both as an online Flash game or as a downloadable game which you can install and play offline as well. There are 15 levels of varying terrain types in which you will need to race your sports bike, performing various dangerous stunts along the way while collecting coins to earn bonus points.

Bike Adventure
This is an adventure game with bikes. It has scintillating and rhythmic music. The graphics are good. You have to press the up and down arrows keys for going forward and backward, the enter arrow key to change direction, the left and right arrow...

Bike Mania On Ice
You will ride your bike on frozen ground and ice. And you must go through icy massif, gasoline cans and some wooden slopes. All the obstacles are so steep and dangerous that you must be skill in riding bike. You can use the up and down key to move...

Stunt Dirt Bike 2
There is just no road unless you regard the roof of the thatched cottage as part of the “road”! It is just a thin line between doing stunts and riding your bike! Be very careful, every second you risk the danger of lying on your bed for the rest...


Nuclear Bike
Nuclear Triathlon
Nuclear Dnb Download
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File: nuclear-bike.exe

System Requirements

Pentium III 800 MHz, 256 Mb RAM

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