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Outlook Express Backup download locations

softpedia.com Outlook Express Backup 2009
softpedia.com Outlook Express Backup 6.5 Build 6.5.121
softpedia.com Outlook Express Backup 2007
winsite.com Outlook Express Backup 2.03
lo4d.com Outlook Express Backup 2.03

Publisher's description

OEB 2009 is the most powerful tool to backup Outlook Express email messages, address book, mail and news accounts, message rules, signatures, stationery, blocked senders list and all personal settings. The scheduling feature makes it easy for you to backup your data on a regular basis, and restore your Outlook Express data and settings at any time, with just a few mouse clicks.

It supports all versions of Outlook Express.

Backup for Outlook Express
Easy it lets you backup restore and move your Outlook Express data such as identities, email messages, email account settings, message rules, the address book, list of blocked senders, signatures and settings, Favorites,...

Any Outlook Express Backup
In comparison to Outlook Express Backup is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to backup and restore your Outlook Express data. It saves email and news messages, address book, rules, email and news accounts, block senders lists, Stationery, signatures and all...

ABF Outlook Express Backup
Handy backup tool for popular Outlook Express mail client. This time saving utility enables you to backup all important Outlook Express data, including emails, contacts, mail and news accounts, rules, signatures and...

Compact Outlook Express Backup
Worried about the safety Outlook Express e-mail accounts? Looking for a way to create a reserve copy of all your correspondence "just in case"? Try it. This tool lets you back up messages, account settings, general...


Nzb Easy Outlook Express Backup
Outlook Express Backup Wizard Keygen
Compact Outlook Express Backup Torrent
Nero7 Express Backup
Abf Outlook Backup 3

File: OEBackupSetup.exe

System Requirements

Less than 2 Mb free space on your hard drive

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