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PCM is an excellent parental control program for child computer usage and internet online safety. This program integrates internet/web filtering, time control, screen monitoring, and other advanced control and management technology.

It is designed to protect child from dangerous websites or internet activity which are detrimental to healthy growth of child; and prevent the kids spending too much time idly on chat, etc.

Parental Control
In comparison to it Monitor allow it: the software make timely reports and screenshots, assign unwanted Internet content (a browser will be closed if it"s window title have this content), unwanted programs (games, your important programs, etc.

Child Control 2005
The most optimal parental control for all Windows-PCs (incl. XP). Set time limits for the PC and/or the Internet and block/filter unwanted Internet contents. Limit access to internal Windows components and personal folders. A protocol informs you at...

Monitor Spy
Fast, invisible and easy-to-use surveillance tool that allows you to find out what other users do on your computer in your absence. it records keystrokes, windows opened, applications run, chats (Windows Live Messenger MSN...


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File: chd_setup.exe
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