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Pen drive blocking software ensures full security to important data and files transfer, captures each and every performed operation (cut, copy, paste) on your system or client network using USB drive. Removable drive data leakage protection tool supports all USB media such as digital cameras, mp3 players, iPod, mobile phone, memory stick etc.

Software facilitates with beep sound alert on system when unauthorized USB drive connected to network.

USB Drive Blocker Software
USB stick activity monitoring software includes feature to alerts system administrators via beep sounds in any case of any illegal data transfer is taking place. USB drive blocker program disables access of all commonly used removable media like pen...

Disk Drive Security
Hide and lock your local, network, Floppy and USB drives as well as disable the AutoRun feature for specific drive types with this password-protected security utility. If you do not want the removable media to appear and be accessible in My Computer...

USB Drive Guard
In comparison to Pen Drive Blocking Software is a data leak prevention (DLP) security solution that enables network administrators to centrally control USB drives on the network. This application runs silently on any windows PC and when someone inserts any type of storage...

Disk Drive Administrator
Hide, lock and protect your local, network, Floppy and USB drives, and disable the AutoRun feature for them. Control access to your drives by clicking on the checkboxes located within the group boxes representing them. Disable the AutoRun feature...


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System Requirements

512MB RAM for server machine, 256MB RAM for client machine, 20MB free disk space

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