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A collection of 3D icons representing buildings, houses and various objects of city infrastructure, PCI are here to help design the look and feel of a perfect architectural planning or mapping suite. PCI make for a perfect city map when assembled together.

Landscapers and architects, students and city planners can benefit from using PCI by expressing the perfect styling.

Standard City Icons
In comparison to Perfect City Icons come in a variety of sizes and resolutions, making city plans perfectly legible on any media from PDA screens to poster-size prints. The smallest size is 16x16, but the largest-resolution versions are in 1200x1200 pixels and in...

All Perfect Icons
A collection of more than twenty icon sets. Including literally thousands of different images, the it pack supplies each icon in a variety of sizes, color resolutions, visual states and file formats. Common web 2.

Perfect File Icons
Featuring icons for an incredible number of file types and related issues, all with a consistent style that looks thoroughly modern, this set is perfect for adding usability and visual appeal to any project. Several configuration options and vibrant...

Perfect Multimedia Icons
Enhance your multimedia software or Web-site with it. You can dramatically lower your project costs and speed up development by using a set of readily available toolbar icons! Each individual icon is professionally designed and...


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architectural, billboard, construction, isometric
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