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winsite.com Polystyle Source Code Formatter And Obfuscator 4.0

Publisher's description

Automatically reformat other's code in your own style with just a point and click! Polystyle also has a java obfuscator, PHP obfuscator, Actionscript obfuscator and JSP obfuscator. Polystyle reformats HTML, C/C++, PHP, Javascript, CSS, C#, Java, Perl, JSP, Python, Delphi, Visual Basic, ASP, Actionscript and XML. Use the Graphical Styler to define your style using simple mouse clicks alone.

Download your free trial today! Visit www.polystyle.com

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File: Polystyle-Source-Formatter-Windows-Setup-Trial-Edition.exe

System Requirements

300 MHz CPU, 256 MB memory

c formatter, css formatter
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