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Using PFW,it will let you Infinitely port forwarding until the destination ip address is achieved.At the same time,it can turn non-SSL aware softwares into safely softwares by ssl tunnel technology.You can completely use this tool wihout learning.
As the best port forwarding software, PFW support port forwaridng with router, port trigger instead of port forwarding for your router, port forwarding without router, port Forwarding to multi-destinations at the same time and convert port forwarding to http proxy.
When you try to access some remote computer,maybe this computer located in a LAN that you can't directly access or this computer are configed to deny your computer's ip address.Under this situation,maybe you need to go through a lots of computer to finally access the destination and the computers you must go through maybe run Windows,Solaris or Linux system.It will bother you so much.Now,you can deploy PFW tool on those computers,no matter those computers' system.After this,you can directly access your destination easily and enjoy your coffee:)
Sometime you want to access ports on computers behind firewalls, gateways, and inconfigurable routers.Under this situation,you can not directly access a local computer located in a LAN.But if you deploy PFW on Gateway and set port mapping,then now you can directly access a local computer from internet.Sometime your firewall forbid service on a LAN computer,cause this service listen on a very low port number.Using PFW,you can mapping this low port number to a high port number,then your firwall will not forbid your connecting from outside your LAN.
Using PFW, you can automatically manage port mappings of your router.

PFW use UPnP technology communicating with your router to view,add or delete port mapping.Now using PFW,you can easily to do this!

Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard
Let you easily access computer that behind tight firewall or an inconfigurable router by using it


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Astra32 Port

File: pf-wizard-setup.exe
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