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Still be worrying about so many passwords to remember? Now we have Efficient Password Manager, a completely free but powerful and unique password management package. She can not only help you remember generic passwords, but also record website login passwords, software registration codes, e-mail account passwords, etc.

A random password generator is integrated. With Efficient Password Manager, you only need to remember one password!

Password Manager
Fill in your Internet forms and website passwords instantly - without compromising your security. Works with multiple profiles/identities - ideal if you use more than one address, or if more than one person is using the computer.

My Password Manager
In comparison to Portable Efficient Password Manager is password management software that outperforms all its rivals. It is intuitive, simple, fast and 100% safe and secure. The program supports multiple accounts and comes with automatic backup options. It uses the US Department of...

Password Manager XP
Password Manager eXtra Potection is a program that helps you to systematize secret information. This tool is a passwords and secrets keeper. You can forget all your headaches about losses of passwords and other important information.

AES Password Manager
A full-featured application for securely storing and managing sensitive data such as website passwords, credit card numbers, PIN-codes and other. AES Passwords Manager provides a secure database with privilege management...


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