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Publisher's description

This tool allows you to fully automate the setup of your Google AdWords campaigns. Hand over all those boring and tiring work tasks to this amazing tool and get a fully setup campaign with possibly thousands of keywords in only a few minutes.

The software builds a highly sophisticated campaign with all the negative keywords in place, with the desired match types automatically set up and with 2 highly relevant split tested ads per adgroup.

PPC BidMax
Automatically monitor your keywords and campaigns, make scheduled bids on keywords and report on your results. it is designed to save you time and up to 85% of your bid costs with automated features and an advanced bidding algorithm.

NP PPC Tracker
NPTracker is a simple but powerful script to: + dynamically track performance of your PPC campaigns on a keyword level; + reveal which keywords are profitable and which are not; + discover what search keywords people are using when clicking on your...

Website Builder
This web site builder gives you everything you need to build, maintain and manage a successful website including template designs, easy-to-use software, and effective traffic building tools - even rapid development ecommerce tools for those selling...

Calendar Builder
In comparison to PPC Campaign Builder will allow you to build the calendars you want to your specific custom needs! customize your calendar with your own photographs, layout, use calendar packs (prebuilt sets of calendars), plus much more!


Ppc Campaign Brief
E Campaign Freeware
E Campaign V6 3 Download
E Campaign Serial
Como Crakear E Campaign

File: PPCCampaignBuilderSetup.msi

System Requirements

Pentium III or greater recommended, 128MB RAM or more recommended

advertising, online marketing, pay per click, promotion, web traffic
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