Random Moving Menu (AS3)

Publisher's description

This is an XML driven, unlimited, randomly moving menu. When you mouse over the button, it will stop. When you mouse out it, it continues. You can modify parameters: 1. xmlUrl = 'navigation.xml'; (XML URL for button details); 2.

linkEnable = true; (eable the links of buttons); 3. randomBtnSize = true; (whether the size of buttons is random); 4. speed = 0.015; (moving speed of buttons); 5. intervalTime = 80; (the interval of changing another mov

Flexible Menu (AS3)
This is an XML driven, unlimited menu. You can modify two parameters in the two lines in the front of code. 1. linkEnable = false; (if you set linkEnable = true, the links will be enabled when you click the buttons). 2. xmlUrl = 'navigation.

AS3 Sorcerer
You can open Flash (SWF) files and see decompiled Action Script 3 (AS3) code. You can easily save the decompiled script to a single text file or into a folder structure. it also shows vital Flash file information including contents of SWF...


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File: Random-Moving-Menu-(AS3)_5240.html?ref=flashstore

System Requirements

Flash Player 7 and above

actionscript 2 0, actionscript 3 0, flash components
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