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Publisher's description

RB 2.1 automatically reboots the PC at the set time or on command. The application allows users to set multiple reboot times or reboot on Command, RB 2.1 allows user to Reboot, Logoff, Shutdown, Lock workstation and also has a Force option, Can also run from the command line with command line options. Also can be run as a service.

Auto Reboot

Hotkeys Buddy
In comparison to Reboot Buddy 2. 1 automatically enters text and launches applications when customized hotkeys are hit Hotkeys A Great keyboard shortcut tool

Auto Fill Page Buddy
2. 1 will automatically fill in text boxes and click links, buttons, check boxes, etc on web pages Auto Fill Web Page

123 Search Results Buddy
2. 1 will let you do a internet search, by right clicking on highlighted text. search results


S60v5 Reboot
S60v5 Reboot Timer
S5230 Software Reboot
Remove On Reboot Shell Extension
5800xm Reboot Free Software

File: rebootbuddy.exe

System Requirements

Windows 95 or Higher

vsisystems, workstation
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