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Reciprocal links monitoring software checks the status of advertisers site links on the publishers website. This backlink tracing tool can track the direct links, inward links, JavaScript links availability and generates the report in html or text format.

Software is useful for both webmaster and website owners and supports the http or https website url. Inward link checking utility import the csv or text file format and notifies you via email.

Reciprocal Link Checker Software
Reciprocal link exchange management software is backlink analyzer utility that monitor inlink, inbound links, java script links and direct links of your websites on publisher site. Backlinks checker utility find out accurate reciprocal link status...

Reciprocal Link Analyzer Software
Backlink checking utility finds out exact reciprocal link status of your website and automatically notify you by sending an email if your link not found on publisher website. it generates detailed backlink status...

Reciprocal Link Analysis Software
In comparison to Reciprocal link monitoring software analyzes all valid, invalid website links without taking much time. Back link watcher tool watches multiple links on publisher site and sends an email if link is not available and also facilitates users to maintain...

Link Partners Monitoring Software
Sends SMS, emails, sound alarms, run program etc when URL not giving appropriate response on web. Website downtime measuring application is specially designed and developed to track multiple websites configure to...


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File: backlink-checker.exe

System Requirements

32Mb RAM, 9 Mb free disk space

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