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RPT will replace your old tuner. Just pluck a string on your guitar, and RPT will display what note you are playing, and how close you are to perfect pitch.

When you've hit your note, the needle will glow bright green. This is one of the only tuners on the web that uses your microphone, and it is the perfect way to avoid spending big money on one of the expensive guitar tuners at the music shop.

Penguin Tuner
In comparison to Record Player Tuner makes tuning your guitar fly by! Just play a note, and it will automatically display the musical note you are playing. it will even tell you how close you are to being in-pitch with that note (how flat or how...

Bass Tuner
This is a simple and compact bass guitar tuner application written using the Windows MIDI system. It supports six-string basses, but it only supports BEADGC tuning

Guitar Tuner
This is a simple and compact it application. It uses the Windows MIDI system to sound tuning notes. It only supports EADGBE tuning

Musical Note Tuner
Will replace your old guitar tuner. Just play any note on your guitar, and it will use your computer's microphone to display what note you are playing, and how close you are to hitting that precise note.


Record Player Download Dav
Record Player Dav Avi
J2me Tuner
Ap Tuner Code
Soft Tv Tuner

File: tuner_recordPlayer.exe

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