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Publisher's description

Get fast and secure access to your remote computer from anywhere and control it as easy as if you were sitting near it. Free PC Remote Control solution allows you to control a remote PC with your local mouse and keyboard. The software works so fast that you'll forget where you are.

You'll never believe that until you try it. Furthermore, the software is free!!! Don't miss your chance to gain reliable control of your remote PC.

Enterprise Remote Control
In comparison to Remote Control PC allows you to connect to machines anywhere You need to support computers across your company, no matter how far they get from you. it puts you in control. No third party servers, no monthly fees.

Remote Desktop Control
Allows you to control any remote computer from another computer. Such task is no longer just for network administrators, now you can have the same control. Imagine, you can work on your office computer right from your home...

Radmin Remote Control
Radmin is fast remote control software for secure access to remote computer via Internet or LAN in multiple modes: view remote desktop, control remote PC's keyboard and mouse, file transfer, telnet, remote turn on/off, BIOS remote control, text and...

HB Multi Remote Control
A network management tool that allows the Network Administrator to view and control network computers without having to leave their own workplace. The Administrator connects to a remote computer over the network and,...


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File: RemoteControlPCInstall.exe

System Requirements

Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista/7

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