Santa's Secret Valley
AHA! Software Inc.

Publisher's description

SSV - A non-violent graphical adventure for the whole family. Christmas is coming, and Santa has given you, a trusted elf, the job of looking after his precious magical items: his boots, his bell and his bottomless sack. But you nod off to sleep... When you awake, all three items missing.

The window is open, and tracks lead out across the snow. What can you do but follow?

All Aboard For Santa
Santa is stranded on an island in the Secret Valley, and you - Fizbin the elf - must go to the rescue. With its delightful full-color scenes, dozens of challenging puzzles, and exciting places to explore, this point-and-click adventure is an...

Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island
The Military has hired world-renowned scientist Chanel Flores to explore a mysterious island that has suddenly appeared in the Bermuda Triangle! During her flight to the island, a mysterious electrical fog engulfed her plane, and forced her to...

File: ssv_inst32.exe

System Requirements

Pentium, 16MB RAM, 12MB disk space, 256+ colors, sound card

adventure, non violent, nonviolent
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