Schedule Split Shifts for 25 Employees
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The Split-25 Excel spreadsheet creates schedules where each employee can be assigned to 1 or 2 categories, 1 or 2 locations and 1 or 2 times each day for up to a month. Shift assignments are made from drop-down menus of qualified employees.

It can enforce age-related work rules and keep track of your payroll budget based on employee wages and scheduled hours. Creates a vCalendar file for your PDA, Smart Phone and Outlook Calendar.

Daily Shifts and Tasks for 25 Employees
Employees can then be assigned to various daily tasks in 30 minute increments. The spreadsheet keeps track of your payroll budget based on employee wages and scheduled hours. The spreadsheet creates a vCalendar file to transfer schedules to your...

Schedule Volunteers to Random Shifts
Automatically create random shift or task schedules for 100 people for a month. Up to 10 daily shifts or tasks can be scheduled with up to 5 people per shift and you can specify which people are qualified to perform each shift/task.

Schedule Multiple Shifts Automatically
Excel spreadsheet automatically assigns up to 50 people to up to 10 shifts per day in response to your scheduling needs and your employee's preferences and qualifications. The program automatically assigns days off, creates schedules for up to a...

Let Excel Calendar 50 People to 3 Shifts
Assign 50 people to 3 daily shifts and 75 locations each day on a simple Excel calendar scheduler. After you specify the availability of each employee for each shift each day for the month, you assign them to one or more daily shifts and locations...


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System Requirements

Microsoft Excel 97 or later

personnel, shift schedules, work schedules
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