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The SLO control is a label control designed fit into less space.ScrollLabel is a normal label control but with the ability to scroll the caption horizontally and vertically.The ScrollLabel can also bounce the caption between outer limits.

IPComboBox OCX
In comparison to ScrollLabel OCX gives the programmer the ability to add IP address entry to applications easily. The IPComboBox restricts the user to entering only IP address format addresses only. Extra functionality is also provided via the ability to allow...

NetColor OCX
April16 has released it, a control for visual basic which makes converting different color formats easy. Primarily aimed at those designing web design, paint or editor applications, it will make a useful addition to your VB...

DayView OCX
The Day View OCX is a list of items or appointments for a day which is like the Microsoft Outlook Day View displayed in the calendar. The Day View OCX allows the programmer to add, move and remove items, and define their appearance.


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